Folktale 2

Here you’ll find the documentation for Folktale 2. This release is guided by some design principles, and all code is categorised according to stability rules, which helps deciding whether you can rely on a feature or not. Documentation for older versions can be found at the end of this page.

We’ve also got some pages on how to get help, and on how to contribute to Folktale’s development.

A quick summary of the new features and changes, with usage examples.

Getting Folktale up and running in different JS platforms.

An introduction to the most important concepts in Folktale.

Describes all functions and objects, with motivating use cases and usage examples.

A list of known problems with Folktale we can't fix, and workarounds for them.

Guides to help you move your code base from older versions of Folktale to 2.0.0

The full list of changes in Folktale

Documentation for older releases